Professional Electrician Services In Redding

Electrical services go beyond installing outlet circuits and lighting your home. At Electrician Redding, we understand all it takes to light up your home or office. Our team has a great commitment to providing quality installations, repairs, and upgrades at affordable rates. Our services include but not limited to;

While these are some of our electrical services, there are many other benefits when you hire Electrician Redding as your local electrician. We pride ourselves on providing free estimates and excellent customer service. Plus, we can help you with any questions that arise during the process.

We provide all
electrical services in Greater Shasta County, including Whiskey Town, Anderson, Cottonwood, Shasta, and Redding, CA. If you are looking for a local electrician for 24/hour emergency electrical service, Electrician Redding is here for your convenience.


Electrician Redding

Are you in need of an electrician in Redding, CA? If so, then contact Electrician Redding for a consultation today! We are experts at electrical installations, systems upgrades, and electrical repairs. We also specialize in lighting design, decorative fixtures, and energy-saving solutions. Our work is guaranteed to be done right the first time. Contact us today for professional electrical services in Redding, CA.

More than electrical installation and repair in Redding, CA

Fixing electrical faults is not one of those DIY projects that you would excel in. A wrong move might cause injury and can be fatal at times. Electrician Redding is here to provide safety and industry-standard electrical installation and repair. When you have an emergency electrical fault, our team is the right fit for same-day electrical repair and maintenance.

Whether you have broken light fixtures, missing electrical outlets, or flickering lights, look no further than Electrician Redding. We are always available to provide emergency services. Reach out to us, and we will come over and take care of your needs right away.

Why choose us for electrical services in Redding, CA

Electrician Redding is a local electrical service company serving the Greater Shasta County area. Here are some of the reasons why we are your go-to electrical contractor in Redding, CA;

This is a great way to explore what you need for your electrical needs without being committed to anything upfront. At Electrician Redding, there no surprises in any of our electrical services. Our pricing is customized to your service needs and thus is a good value for your money.

Electrician Redding offers 24/hour emergency service, so we are here when you need us most. We can help with any project, from minor repairs around the house or large commercial projects on time and within budget.

Our staff has extensive experience in matters installation, including residential, industrial, commercial, retail facilities, and more. Our electricians uphold high standards as they install wiring systems that meet code requirements. We do this while taking into account safety concerns throughout the entire job site.

The team is also trained in troubleshooting problems quickly and efficiently. This means fewer surprises later down the line when we are trying to get your work done.

Our electricians are also available for full-service maintenance, which includes everything from troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues throughout the home or commercial space to completing jobs that require a licensed professional.

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Our Electrical Services

We know how important it is for our clients to be happy with their property, so we do whatever it takes to keep them in compliance with code requirements while giving them peace of mind about their safety. We handle all aspects of residential installations, including furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, you name it.

The reasons to choose us are many and varied. However, one thing is certain: Electrician Redding offers an electrical solution that will work with your budget and schedule. With our expertise as electricians in this area, there's no problem too big or small for us to handle. Contact us today to find out more information on how we could serve your electrical needs here in Shasta County, CA.

Residential electrical services in Redding, CA

Electrical power is essential in our homes to light it up and keep appliances running.  It's also fundamental in our businesses to keep them running without interruption. Sometimes you need a new circuit breaker panel or wiring installation, and other times it could be as simple as replacing an electrical socket.

In every case, Electrician Redding can help with the job. We have years of experience ensuring that we're always up-to-date on all code requirements for residential electrical installations in Redding, CA.

Commercial electrical services in Redding, CA

Electrical power is essential in our businesses, whether it consists of a large factory or an office space. To keep your operations running smoothly and avoid service interruptions, you may need to call for standard installation to ensure enough power for each element and schedule for routine repairs and maintenance.  Our range of services may include indoor and outdoor lighting design alongside installation, signboard set up with neon lights, etc.

We have experience with standard installations for industrial and office spaces. We will create the perfect power grid that will cater to power needs. We can also help you set up an emergency generator whenever required, so you always stay prepared. If you are going for a classy look, we are confident we will provide what you need no matter how intricate the plan may seem at first glance.

Electrical wiring service in Redding, CA

Electrical wiring goes beyond installing light fixtures in a home or commercial premises. It is vital to get the wiring done right. This is because electricians will be installing the circuits and connections that power your home or commercial property's electrical systems, lighting fixtures, and appliances. It also means installing any equipment boxes needed for a specific circuit to make sure everything works properly.

The right electrical wiring process includes: 

  • Testing safety components like outlets, switches, breakers, fuses, etc.
  • Running cables through walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Joining wire ends together by using pigtails (connectors) and fittings
  • Insulating wires or wires that are exposed to heat, cold, water, or other elements.

Electrical contractors need an understanding of how these wires are run from one place on a building to another, so their knowledge can help you stay safe with working electricity at all times.

Electrical inspection in Redding, CA

One of the most important aspects of being an electrician is making sure that your work area or place of business isn't a fire hazard. For this reason, you'll find inspections are often performed on electrical systems to make sure no violations exist. Our electrical inspection services may include but aren't limited to:

  • Grounding faults (or lack thereof)
  • Electrical wiring problems like loose connections and overloaded circuits/fuses
  • Flammable material near electricity sources such as heaters and sparks from welding equipment.

If any fault is found, it's best to address the problem quickly before anything happens! This way, anyone working nearby stays safe at all times. The best way to ensure there are no problems in your electrical system is by calling for repair and maintenance services.

Residential and commercial rewiring in Redding, CA

Residential rewiring is a process of replacing electrical wires that are either damaged or outdated. There are multiple reasons for residential rewiring:

The old wiring may have experienced an outage, be too expensive to maintain, or no longer meet safety standards and regulations when it comes to fire prevention.

Rewiring can involve pulling out the original wire and installing new wiring in its place, or this could also mean getting rid of the entire existing system altogether. We take all factors into account before deciding on what needs to be done.

One benefit of this service includes being able to install newer technologies such as motion-sensing lighting (LED lights), which provide better coverage with lower energy consumption, depending on your personal preferences, etc.

An affordable electrical contractor in Redding, CA

Electrical services go beyond experience and expertise. At Electrician Redding, we offer affordable electrical services. Our cost-effective pricing ensures we install or repair electricals in your home within budget. When you have our team for any electrical project, you can rest assured you are getting good value for your money. Call us today for quality electrical services in Redding, CA. We make sure to stay in the loop by networking with electrical professionals from around the world, like Electricians Milton ON.

Electrician near me in Redding, CA

Any electrical project requires a prompt and almost immediate response. We understand this aspect and dedicate ourselves to offer timely response to electrical emergencies. No matter where you are in Shasta County, CA, we can help with any type of residential or commercial electrical installation, repair, and maintenance. We're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call us today for a free quote and service estimate for our
electrical services in Redding, CA.

Common Questions

See some common questions and answers below, or call us at 530-236-6290

  • Should I Call an Electrician For...?

    Electricity can and does cause injury and death. These electrical systems are complex and minute mistakes can turn into serious consequences. Also, there is always a risk of an electrical fire. For these reasons it is also the safest option to call a professional electrician in Redding. We have  listed just a few of the several projects that require an electrician.


    • electrical Panel Upgrades
    • Adding fixtures such as recess lighting
    • Adding exhaust fans and oven hoods
    • home addition and remodel projects
    • Installing attic fans
    • Adding a new breaker
    • Adding a new socket
    • and many more

  • What's the Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Electrician?

    Residential and commercial electricians have some similarities but there are many differences to how electricity is applied to a house to when it is applied to a commercial building. We at Electrician Redding are well versed in both spaces and can offer our service to both residential and commercial clients


    Residential electricians work in houses. These applications have lower electrical needs requiring different equipment than a commercial setting. This work could involve wiring outlets through a house as well as caring for an electrical panel. With the popularity of electric vehicles, We are beginning to install higher voltage outlets for charging ports. If you need any electrical needs in your house both interior and exterior, do not hesitate to call us.


    Commercial electricians require another level or skill and experience. These buildings are often larger and require more energy to operate. This comes with a different set of tools and training. Commercial electrictrician will use different wiring methods and materials to complete the job. A commercial building may need: a repair on large motors and equipment, updating or installing lighting or fixtures, install or repair generators, install surge protection, and so much more. We are willing and able to handle all your commercial electrical needs. Call the Professional electricians to discuss your project and get a free estimate.

  • How Much do Electricians Cost?

    Our electricians are upfront about any cost that has to do with cost of materials and cost of labor. We will not try to upsell you but will provide the best and safest electrical work that meets your expectations and requirements. The price of the job depends on the length, complexity, materials, and skill required for the project. We are well aware of the less professional electricians and the area and strive to bring you the best service for the cheapest possible price.  You can rest assured knowing that our knowledgeable electrical contractors understand the ins and outs of our business making them affordable, saving time and money. 

  • Do I need an Electrical Permit?

    Our professional electricians in Redding understand when an electrical permit is needed and not. Most minor work does not need an electrical permit; thus, we are able to provide timely and affordable electrical services. However, there are times when you want something done legally, a permit is required. We strive to bring you the safest possible electrical services and products so we will be happy to guide you through the electrical process and see if you need a permit to complete your job. 

  • Should I Hire an Electrician?

    Electricity is no joke, claiming the lives of many people a year. You should hire a Redding Electrician whenever you have issues with your electricity. Here are some points to think about when asking yourself, “Should I hire an Electrician”? 


    We have the knowledge of many years. We simply know things that the average homeowner or business owner does not. We have the skills,training, and experience necessary to quickly get the job completed. Our experience comes with confidence and mastery that only a true electrician in Redding has. Please don’t put yourself at risk and follow a DIY tutorial on Youtube. 

    Electrical Work is Not Fun. Some work may be quick but that doesn't mean that it is easy or fun. Electrical wires are often in tight and hot spaces such as in the attic, walls, and basements of your building. These places can be tricky areas to work in and require a special knowledge to navigate in. When you have to wire through a basement or attic you will understand. It is not fun and often very physically demanding work. Just let us handle your electrical project for you while you sit back and relax. 


    Permits and Inspectors. Who wants to spend their days talking with inspectors trying to get your project permitted and approved. No one. That is why you should hire a professional electrician to handle the job for you. We know what needs to be permitted and not so that you can just worry about where you want the socket or which ceiling fan to hang. We will help guide you through the permit process as it is often confusing and long. 


    Electricity is Dangerous. We all know the dangers of working with electricity. If you do not have  a healthy respect and a proper knowledge of electricity, you can end up seriously hurt or worse. Electricity is not a job for the inexperienced. Let us handle the risk and danger for you, call us today. 

  • Can an Electrician Add or Move Electrical Outlets?

    Adding or moving electrical outlets is a service that our Redding electricians can do for you. This is just a sample of what we are able to accomplish for you. Our electricians have the knowledge to help you pull permits if the outlets need it. Depending on where you want to move your outlets and the location of your current outlets, is going to determine the amount of work needed to move or add electrical outlets. We have done every job from plain and simple to complex and large. Just call us to get your electrical projects started. 

  • Can an Electrician Move an Electrical Meter?

    An electrical meter can be moved. This is often a highly labor filled and technical procedure. We have to consult with the city as well as the electricity provider to properly move your electrical meter for you. We are also able to split an electrical meter should you have multiple units that you want to be on different meters. We can help guide you through this often difficult and confusing process. 

  • Can you Install an EV Charger?

    With many of Redding’s citizens buying more and more electrical vehicles, it is becoming more important to have an EV charger so that you can charge your vehicles. There are many programs that help you get an EV charger installed or get a reimbursement for installing an EV charger at your home. Whether you need one EV charger or want to have a station of EV chargers outside your office, Electricians Redding is happy to help. We can install an EV charger for all your vehicles’ needs. We understand the complex load that an EV charger can have on an  electrical system and can help make sure that your system is prepared to handle the heavy load of a charger. Don’t go without a charged car, call us today to get your EV charger installed. 

  • Can I Install Electrical Wiring Myself?

    Yes, electrical wiring is not rocket science. However, if you are a novice in this area, please protect yourself with rubber gloves and an earth clamp from the hardware store before touching any wires. If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, you may want to hire a professional electrician in Redding, CA.

    If you opt for Do-it-yourself wiring, you may need a permit from the City of Redding. Call the local building department to find out if you need a permit and who in the department is responsible for issuing permits. You may also check with your builders' association for help.

    Besides, you will need to call a professional electrical inspector to inspect and sign off your installation. Most inspectors charge a fee for this service. You should also be aware that all wiring has to pass the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. In addition, each state has its own electrical codes that are equally important. Also, check with your insurance company to see if you need a permit and will it affect your policy premiums.


All Work Completed by a Licensed and Insured Electrician

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